Monday, August 17, 2015

Chocolaterie in Tallin

Last week I had the chance to explore Old Tallin for a day.

For me a perfect day will include a stop at some charming cafe for some good coffee or cake and perhaps a bit of shopping or at least some fantastic window shopping.

My day in Tallin was perfect in that it included all of these things, and I did them with my 5 year old daughter.

We started exploring Old Tallin in the late morning and roamed about to our hearts content. We stumbled upon a little street with a cafe that had lots of tables outside.

The atmosphere was so romantic with the vines growing over the tables and the interior of the cafe was so charming and old fashioned or Bohemian.

I was delighted by the feeling of the place both inside and out. So different from all the other cafes I had peeked into.

Then I saw the cakes and asked about them and knew I just could not leave without tasting something because they were so different than in other cafes.

The cake was served large plate, beautifully adorned and such a generous slice. YUM! As a baker I was tantalized by the flavors and fillings that were unlike what I have made and tasted elsewhere. I only wish I had photographed the name of the cake. . . because the name of it slipped my mind. It was delicious!

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