Saturday, November 12, 2011

Filled Chocolates

A friends of mine who is a Tupperware consultant shared this recipe with me. Because of that I had to buy this form to make these chocolates in. They are fabulous and there are soooooooo many options of what you can fill them with.
This form is also oven proof so it has many uses. You can use any plastic form you have or can find. I have seen them available at craft stores in the US.

I used 3 squares of this dark chocolate. So apx. 150 grams. You can always estimate and melt more if need be.

I put a bit of boiling water in a pot, put a bowl in and put the lid on. Within 10 minutes the chocolate is perfectly melted.

Fill the forms with chocolate- making sure none of the plastic is visible. I find using my finger works best :)

Fill with the filling of your choice. Here I made something similar to Almond Joy and Reese's Cups.

Remove from form. Wrap and enjoy! 


150 g. dark chocolate

sweetened condensed milk

peanut butter
powdered sugar
crumbled cookies

Mix these ingredients together as needed to get a thick mass to put into the forms. Make sure you let the chocolate completely dry before starting to fill. Make sure there are fairly level before finishing with final coating of chocolate. Let air dry completely.

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