Sunday, July 10, 2011

With the Girls

Friday night we had a fun evening at our house. What could be better than a house full of girls cooking some yummy food! We made ice cream, waffle cones, and tacos. We also played the game "Things" and had a lot of good laughs.

In the end we had a good discussion on waiting for the real man God has planned for each of us. I have not talked with so many girls in a while and felt sort of nervous. I wanted to share with them how precious each of us is to God, and how much he wants us to live in a fantastic love relationship with him, as he prepares our future husband's for us. I wanted them to understand how beautiful it is to be able to give yourself to your husband as a pure maiden. A woman who has never given herself to another man, either physically or emotionally. I hope they understood me . . . But most of all I pray that each young woman there waits for a godly man, who will love her and honor her and lead their family in God's ways!

How much better it is to live joyfully alone, then to be heartbroken and unhappy with a man who neither loves God, nor honors his wife! I have always said I would rather be alone and happy, than married to an unbeliever and miserable.

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